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Before receiving criticism, let me be clear: My Snow White is inspired by Disney, she is not meant to be a 3D Clone of the Disney Snow White.  I love Disney fairy tales, but I generally wish they looked more realistic, so that’s what I’m going for here.  This is my interpretation of a realistic Snow White, with clothing inspired by both the Disney movie, and real life medieval garb.  The CC I created, was made using Sims4Studio, and the help of it’s awesome staff.  She comes with quite a bit of CC, and not all of it is homemade, so you will need to download these items to have the same version of Snow that I have, above (the links will take you to download pages, not the direct downloads):


  • Eyebrows by Tankuz: |Download|
  • Eyes by Ms_Blue at TSR: |Download| -Authentic Eyes V2-
  • Eyelashes by Kijik: |Download| -3D Lashes (Curly Edition)-
  • Skin by S-Club at TSR: |Download| -HS ND Skintones 2.0-
  • Blush by Screaming Mustard at TSR: |Download| -Winter Bite-
  • Lipstick by Screaming Mustard at TSR: |Download| -Fruit Sorbet-
  • Eyeshadow by Nightcrawler at TSR: |Download| -Starter Beauty Kit-


  • Everyday Hair by Cazy at TSR: |Download| -Danity Hairstyle-
  • Formal Hair by Cazy at TSR: |Download| -Serenity 2-
  • Hair for Underwear/PJs by Sintiklia at TSR: |Download| -Hair Marmelade-
  • Recolor of Sintiklia Hair by Nessasims: |Download|

Formal Outfit:

  • Earrings by NataliS at TSR: |Download| -Shining Snowflake Earrings-
  • Nails by NataliS at TSR: |Download| -French Long Nails-
  • Shoes by NataliS at TSR: |Download| -Leather Pumps-

Once you’ve downloaded all those items (it’s quite a list, but well worth it!) Download Snow White below.  This link includes the custom sim, her everyday attire (shirt, skirt, shoes) her wedding/formal gown, and her set of medieval underwear.

| The underwear on this sim is messing up after the patch, I am fixing it, sorry. |

If you like some of my CC, but don’t wish to download the custom sim, it is available below:


| Download Snow White Medieval Top |

***Update 4-18-2015*** This item now Version 2, and has a new package.  If you are redownloading, the old package is S4N-SWTop01, I would delete it.  Version 2 has a better bump map, and custom thumbnails for each of the 9 color variants.  If you have already downloaded this once, here is a direct link to Version 2: http://www.mediafire.com/download/48h6m2s9vxigp3m/S4Nexus-SWTop.package

If this is your first time downloading, please consider going through the top link, which goes through adfly, just wait 5 extra seconds for download, thanks so much.  =)


| Download Snow White Skirt |

***UPDATE 4-18-2015*** I updated the package.  It now includes custom thumbnails.  If you have already downloaded this, then simply replace the package you already have with this new one, your computer should prompt you, since they have the same name.  Here is a direct link for you, if this is your 2nd time downloading: http://www.mediafire.com/download/r4fp1888bao3aii/S4Nexus-SWSkirt03.package If this is your first time downloading please considering using the top link and waiting the extra 5 seconds on adfly, thanks!


| This CC is having problems after patching, I will fix it and have V2 out soon.  If this shows up on sims in your game who are supposed to be naked, please just delete the CC, I will make a new package. |


| Download Snow White Wedding Gown |

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