The goal at Sims 4 Nexus is to make the search for high quality, free, custom content much easier.  I prowl the web in search of the best CC out there, and what I like, I link to you here.  I do not claim credit any of these lovely creations, and make the creators names very clear.  If you click on a post with the download you would like, it will bring up a page where you can see all the tags I have for the CC, and other info.  Clicking on the picture will bring you to the creator’s download page.

A Message to Creators:

I do not hotlink your images, nor do I link directly to your downloads (unless I have express permission to do so).  I hope that by giving your CC exposure both your web site, and mine, will experience more traffic.  If you ever have a problem with how I display something, or want it removed, please just let me know, and thank you for your hard work, and beautiful CC.  =)

When I see TS2 or TS3 hair mesh conversions, if the conversion is done by someone besides the original creator (unless that creator is long inactive), or unless specific permission has been granted to them, I generally will not link to that download page.



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