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Amelia comes with lots of my own CC, but I will not upload other creators’ work, so I will supply you with links.  If you want her to look exactly like she does in my pictures then be sure to download all of it.

**Starred Entries mean this CC is not already toddler enabled, you have to do it yourself, see below**

If you want the realistic feet, I have the default replacement version of HD Feet V3 by Necrodog

Included from me: Brow Ridge Definition & all clothes (besides sandals listed above)

How to Enable CC for Toddlers

Download the latest version of Sims 4 Studio.  When you start it, Click on the button that says “My CC.”  Navigate to the folder where you put the CC (it should be in My Documents/ EA Games/ The Sims 4/ Mods).  Select the new file.

  • Image10Step 1- Click on the box to “Toddler” to select in under “Age & Gender Flags.” You will probably get a box popping up saying this file was created before toddlers, and are you sure you want to enable it, click yes.
  • Step 2- Click “Apply To All Swatches.”  You will likely get another box popping up prompting you if you’re sure you want to do this, again click yes.
  • Step3- Click Save

That’s it, you are done, and the CC is now toddler enabled.

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