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Original content posted on this site is put together by me.  For sets which use other people’s CC, links will be provided, and you must download those items separately.  If you ever have a problem using any of my CC, please let me know via the contact form.


You may recolor whatever you’d like (please do not include the mesh, if you really want to include it please speak to me first -I’m quite friendly!).  If you want to do a mesh edit on any of my meshes, please contact me, chances are I will be fine with it, but I’d like to hear about it first.  I appreciate a link back!  As for using any of my CC in screenshots, stories, etc, go for it.  A link back, is appreciated, but not mandatory.

Project Override


Toddler Wear

Kids’ Boutique

S4N Cats

S4N Dogs

Original Poses


Toenail Polish

S4N | Couture

A collection of edgy, high fashion clothing:


9 thoughts on “Original Content

  1. How are things going? 🙂 Love the nails polish. Want to do a project together on disney or some fairytale?

    I asked about recoloring or modifying a little your queen mesh 🙂

    See ya 😀

  2. These tiny details are so important! I am so happy you took the time to make them. I love it all!

    1. Wow! What a nice compliment, thank you!! I’m looking at your site and DLing some of your toddler hair conversions. =) Seriously, thank you, hearing that makes my day! Wishing you success too. Do you have a tumblr I can follow?

  3. Hi!!

    I’m making a skinblend and would love to use your detailed hand overlay (with a lower opacity) and maybe your detailed legs overlay in them, since I love the detailing but would want them to be a little subtler. May I use them in the skinblend?

    I will absolutely credit you and link back to both posts!! If not, then that’s more than okay, too, then I’ll just continue to use the overlays without including them in my skinblend

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