Yuliya Jewelry -Original Content-

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| DOWNLOAD | (Adfly, wait 5 seconds, click “skip ad,” to reach the download- if there are any problems with it please tell me) Thank you!

| DOWNLOAD | (Direct from SFS)

A direct download link is posted in my Studio at Sims 4 Studio.

The toddler earrings are the same ones as in the Yuliya set, but updated with more colors, I will update them in the other set as well, just note they are the same file, and if you downloaded them from the Yuliya set before 07-03-2017 then just replace the old file with this one.  The shoes Flowery Little Feet also have matching colors, and the same flowers.

My CC used in pics:  | Flowery Little Feet | Cool Little Ladies Acc Shirt | Little Lacey Lou | May Frills | Spring Flowers Shirt | She’s So Sassy Dress |

Additional CC used in pic:


  More Original Content:


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2 thoughts on “Yuliya Jewelry -Original Content-

  1. Sorry for another issue I have to bring to your attention. I’ve managed to download (yesterday, but very slowly as my previous comment stated) this set. Sadly, in CAS the earrings and the necklace for child are broken since when I put them onto a Sim they appear with white and red spots with dark question marks.
    I have the game updated to the latest patch and I use lots of custom content, so I do not think it’s a problem of my own game.
    Please, fix this set as soon as you can. Thank you in advance. ^__^

    1. Hey, so sorry I’m this late responding. You likely need the toddler version for the child version to show up correctly, downloading it should take care of the issue!

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