S4N Tumblr Toddler Adoptions

As follower gifts on tumblr I will add a new toddler to the Adoption Center here for every 250 followers!  If you don’t already, please visit my page on tumblr: www.sims4nexus.tumblr.com and follow me if you want to see more toddlers for adoption!  I cannot include CC from other people in the toddler DLs, so I will list it with links and you will have to DL it yourself, if it is not toddler enabled I have listed under the sim how to enable it.  I have included my CC that’s on the sim in these downloads.  These are gifts, and there is no adfly, just a direct link!  Thank you so much!!

A lot of toddlers that I use as models make terribly creepy looking adults.  If you are adopting a toddler from here, I realize you likely want to play with them in game, so I will also add a pic of them grown up with and without CC, so you know what you’re getting into.  If this is a model I use, and add here, I may alter some features so that they look like normal adults.

Install them by putting the CC files in your “Mods” folder, and the tray files in the “Tray folder.”  Both are found in My Documents/Electronic Arts/ The Sims 4.  Enjoy!



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