The goal at Sims 4 Nexus is to make the search for high quality, free, custom content much easier.  I prowl the web in search of the best CC out there, and what I like, I link to you here.  I do not claim credit any of these lovely creations, and make the creators names very clear.  If you click on a post with the download you would like, it will bring up a page where you can see all the tags I have for the CC, and other info.  Clicking on the picture will bring you to the creator’s download page.

A Message to Creators:

I do not hotlink your images, nor do I link directly to your downloads (unless I have express permission to do so).  I hope that by giving your CC exposure both your web site, and mine, will experience more traffic.  If you ever have a problem with how I display something, or want it removed, please just let me know, and thank you for your hard work, and beautiful CC.  =)


A Little About Me:

I started creating CC back in the TS2 days.  I hardly played TS3 at all, and just got back into the simming world with TS4.  I am 31 years old, married, and have 4 children (currently ages 8, 6, 3, and 1.)  I am a full time stay-at-home mom, and mesh and make CC when I can at home.

Picture taken in 2016. My husband Daniel, Mitchie, Me, Andrew Wolf (baby) Samson, and Gabriella

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  1. Hello I love downloading your beautiful toddler cc!!! I have a lot of your toddler outfits in my game!!! But today, I downloaded the Yuliya jewelry set for only the toddler the flower necklace and earrings work fine. But the flower bracelet made my toddler red and white via question marks in CAS I was confused cause I didn’t know if it was a recolor or wasn’t working right I downloaded some cute dresses too which worked fine..please keep making adorable cc thank you for listening have a good day!!!!

    1. Hi! When you get the checkers with the question marks it means its missing the mesh resource I believe, I may have messed up and you may just need the child bracelet, if you have both it should work fine. I’m sorry about that! Thank you for your kind words, and for letting me know! =)

  2. Wonder why you have called it Nexus. is it inspired after Nexusmods? Nexusmods is a big site which host several mods for several games. Once it started as tessource and it was hosting mods for Morrowind and later also for Oblivion. Then they changed to Tesnexus and finally it evolved into nexusmods, because it was not only hosting mods for the elder scrolls anymore.
    Started myself with ts2 as well, though i also tried ts1 before. But by then ts1 wasn’t something for me. Have played ts2 for quite some time. When ts3 came out i switched to that one. I did like ts3. Only problem was the messy release of the expansions. Tried ts4 as well, but to be honest i find ts4 the weakest of all. I do play it sometimes, but it doesn’t catch my attention like ts2 and ts3. I also played tsm. Nowadays i went back to ts2, still play ts3 and play tsm as well sometimes, next to a bunch of other games, such as mount & blade warband, saints row 2, black desert online, divinity: original sin.

    1. Hi! Honestly, I didn’t know Nexusmods was a thing until I after I made my site. “Nexus” means a crossroads, so I thought it was appropriate for a web site listing a lot of links, like this being the crossroads to finding more CC. It has since evolved more into just my own Original Content, but I’ve had this name a while now, so it’s staying. =)

      1. Ah, ok. Was just wondering. Didn’t knew actually that nexus means a crossroads. Guess it can be fitted for a site posting links as well for one posting mods for several games. And it’s a better name then the generic “updates” (as in sims4updates). I can imagine you just stick to the name even it’s not a list with links anymore. Though you can also think it’s now a crossroads for your own cc.

  3. Hi!! Do you allow recolors on your original content? I’m really thinking about starting up recoloring and I absolutely love your custom content, would that be allowed? I will not include your mesh and ill post a link to your page, for the mesh. Please get back to me as soon as you can! Thank you! 🙂

    1. Hi! Thank you! I love seeing recolors, go for it. =) If you want any of the files as .psd with layers intact let me know and I’ll get them to you. Have fun!

  4. Hi !!
    Thank you for making available so much wonderful content !! I was hoping to convert the toddler / child socks to adult but aren’t sure how to go about it ? Is there possibly a tutorial you could point me to ? I have Sims4Studio.
    Best Wishes

    1. Hi there! Np, and thank you! Check out the tutorial section at the S4S forums, here: http://sims4studio.com/board/25/cas-pose-tutorials I’m not sure if there is one specifically for converting. I have a few video tutorials there. I have 2 more video tutorials planned, that I am just really slow to get around to, but I could do a conversion one as well with something simple. Let me know how it turns out! =)

      1. Thanks very much for replying !! I checked them out and there were soooo many, I couldn’t see one specifically for converting though. I found a couple elsewhere but they were for converting whole outfits. I just want to start small and you can’t get much smaller than just doing a pair of socks 🙂 I downloaded Blender sometime ago but have no idea what I’m doing with it 🙁

        1. Blender can be a beast, especially when you are first starting. I recommend learning how to move the mesh and resize, rotate, do basic things in blender. I will put the converting tut on my to do list, I am a bit slow though. Were you meaning socks that had a meshed element to them? If they are just painted on you should be able to just checkmark the age group you want in S4S. If I come across any tuts I think would be helpful I’ll let you know!

          1. Yes , it looked a bit daunting but I’ll have a bit of a go and see what I can learn. The socks that I was referring to in the original post are those ones that are bulky , like slouch socks perhaps. I think they were originally for toddler and then were converted for children as well ? So it’s a different mesh I think than other socks.

          2. Hello again !
            I do apologize for cluttering up this page with my posts but I didn’t now any other way I could message you. I tried today to convert the socks but Blender is even more complicated than I first remember 🙁 Is there any chance that in the future , you may have time to convert them to adult ?
            I was going to request it on the Sims 4 Studio site but it’s your creation so I didn’t feel like that was the right thing to do. I am sorry if I am going about this the wrong way 🙁

  5. Hi there,
    I once downloaded shoes / Creepers, were they yours?
    I’m in love with it, but i can’t find them anymore. 🙁

    1. I’m sorry, I don’t think they were mine! If I posted something here it is unlikely I took it down (I have with very few things, but those weren’t shoes).

  6. Hey

    I am on TSR to

    I did a hair bow for toddlers but it just do not come right. I see you did some, can you please tell me how. I can find no tutorial for that. And if you just change the hat with bow half of hair is missing

    Please I realy want to learn


  7. You did a navy coat and beret for toddler girls back in August that I have been waiting for release on. Do you plan to let it go? I was going to join patreon for it but through a mate found out it is not even there yet. I am not willing to waste money if what I want is never going to become available.

    1. Hi! Everything I release on Patreon comes to this site, usually in 2-3 weeks-ish. I don’t know which set you are referring to… are you sure it was mine? If I somehow put it on Pat and totally forgot to ever put it here, I would do so, ASAP, but I think you are talking about someone else’s creation. Do you have a pic?

  8. Hi, I try to download Defined Nose Overlay 2, but there is no way to pass the new adfly. After 5 sec and klicking the skip button, another adfly window opens and there you can’t do anything. They only want your notification.
    How I am able to pass the adfly?

  9. can’t download anything from you because adfly tries to force users to ok notification from ad sites and the notification won’t load so you’re just stuck on adfly.

    1. Ugh what a pain! I’m so sorry, my newer content doesn’t even use adfly anymore, it’s just a lot of work to go back and update all the old stuff with links, if you tell me what you couldn’t reach I will give you direct links to SFS.

  10. I have a question about the terms of use for your original content. Would you mind if I made a mesh edit for one specific piece? It’s the Gracielle top. I’d like to make the top part sleeveless, and look more like a formal vest. I’m very unlikely to make it public, but I see it as more polite to ask about your feelings of the matter.

  11. Hello! I was forwarded to download: http://sims4nexus.com/?p=4813 However the downloads do not work. The first part where “wait 5 seconds” and then press “skip” is fine. However, then it wants you to download extensions and spamwear for the browser. Are there any other ways to download it?

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