Live TS4 Chat

Want to come and chat with other simmers about your game, mods, or anything Sims related?  Well, if you have a discord account, you are welcome to join us.  Discord is a free app, and you can have it on your PC, phone, tablet, etc.  To download Discord check here!

The chat has 2 options:

General TS4 Chat Rules

Respect: Respect is our number one priority. Respect all of the Members in thee server. You are in our Discord. We wouldn’t disrespect you in your Discord, so please do not disrespect us in ours. If any of our Members broke this rule and offended you in any way, we are truly sorry. Please contact Admins if that happens.

Spam: Any spam will be punished with either a mute, kick or ban. This means: excessively sending messages, sentences, emoticons or images. Please keep the chat clean and don’t ruin others conversations.

NFSW Content: Any form of pornographic imagery will result in an immediate ban. Do not ask us to unban you afterwards, the consequences should be clear! Not everyone in this Discord Server is above 18 years old (in fact many people aren’t).

Discrimination: Discrimination of ANY TYPE (Homophobic, Racist, Sexism, ETC.) Drama will not be tolerated.

Advertising: Please do not advertise in this Server. This means: Discord Links, YouTube Links, Twitter Links etc. You are allowed to advertise with the permission of Admins, otherwise your message will get deleted

Want to join us? Here is your invite!

NFSW TS4 Chat Rules

The rules are the same as above, with the exception that you can feel free to talk about NFSW mods for TS4, and screenshots of that are ok… but no real pornography!

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