Patreon Early Releases

Hello everyone!  After giving this much thought for months, I have decided to start an Early Release Patreon.  I have also decided that from now on, any new CC I post on my web site will no longer even have an option of using a link shortener, but instead link directly to SFS for the download.

I know that opinions about Patreon vary wildly within the Sims community, so let me explain.  I spend a lot of time making CC, and if I want to keep that time dedicated to CC making, instead of other ventures, Patreon support would go a long way to help. I love making CC, and since EA has stated early release Patreons are ok, I feel this is ok to do.

This is an “Early Release” Patreon, meaning, everything I post there, will soon be available for free on my regular web site (here).  To add some perks I plan to also offer collections of my CC available in .zip downloads, and if you support me over 1 month I will take a CC request (see the terms I posted on my Patreon page).

Please do not feel pressured you have to support me on Patreon!  I am so excited to see people download my CC from my web site, and love seeing it in screenshots.  If you really enjoy my CC and do decide to support me, then thank you sooo much!  Otherwise, just look at the pictures and below and see what is coming soon to my site!

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