Cottage Living’s Cow Retextured

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Some notes: For the rainbow cow mode, the black cow will simply have the fur on its nose turn purple… the brown cow didn’t have a rainbow cow image in it’s file, so I fear the entire cow may change to the black cow I made with the purple nose, or it may go to EA’s rainbow cow.  I don’t know, if someone finds out please let me know.  I am honestly too inept to feed my cow rainbow treats in game lol.

The cow and bucket all require the Cottage Living EP, but the stool is base game, so I imagine sims pull it out for other situations as well.

I’m also not really happy with the brown cow, since it’s just a brown version of the black cow, and not more brown with less white… I may give an update in the future!

All these files are overrides!

A direct download link is available at my Creator Studio at Sims 4 Studios.

Author: samanthagump

2 thoughts on “Cottage Living’s Cow Retextured

  1. I really want this, but Im worried it will conflict with lot51’s free-range mod, so i will have to go without

    1. I tested my cow with the lot51’s free range mod. My cow does not stop the mod, but if you make the cow free range, its texture returns to base game. So, if you want it for not free range cows, you should be fine. =)

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