Spunky Girl Toddler Set -Original Content-


| DOWNLOAD | (Direct from SFS)




DOWNLOAD | (Direct from SFS)

Additional CC used in pic:


Jacket Recolor by Simsrunway

Download at simsrunway.tumblr.com

More downloads from Simsrunway


Download at bacardidreamman.tumblr.com

More downloads from bacardidreamman

More Original Content:


Author: samanthagump

2 thoughts on “Spunky Girl Toddler Set -Original Content-

  1. I’m sorry, this is the one I was having issues with, not the other link. There is a lot of malware attached to the redirect – any chance this could be made available via sfs?

    and btw, absolutely lovely cc! Thank you! I’m kind of addicted to toddlers, too!

    1. Wish granted! Thanks for the kind words! I’m slowly phasing adfly out of the site, if you come across more bothersome ones, just let me know. =)

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