-Project Override- Womens’ Doctor Uniform -Original Content-


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OVERRIDES- The override file will make it so that the female doctors at the hospital wear these uniforms.  This file with OVERRIDE in the title will make it so that the female doctors at your hospital wear these uniforms instead of EA’s.  Also note, any recolors you have of the EA swatches will then use my mesh instead, and the textures will be off.

You can download the other file, which is stand alone, and not override.  It will not make it so that doctors automatically wear my uniforms.  You can still use cheats or the MC Command center to enable my stand alone uniforms as doctor uniforms.  GTW is required for these to show up.

If you download all the files, then your female doctors at the hospital will wear these uniforms and you will also have the stand alone version in CAS you can use for whatever you want.

A direct download link is available at my Creator Studio at Sims 4 Studios.


I don’t know where all the poses came from, if you do or want me to add a link please let me know.  Thanks!

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4 thoughts on “-Project Override- Womens’ Doctor Uniform -Original Content-

  1. When will we be getting Male Doctor override ? And are you planing on other override like police and so on ?

    1. Hi! I started on the male doctor override… let me first say that the female doctor override was one of the biggest struggles to get working correctly that I can remember as of late. I plan to finish it, I just needed a break from that uniform after the female doctor ordeal, lol. After the male doctor uniform I plan to start on the police career track. I still need to focus on kids and toddler CC, so I will aim to do an override maybe every 3rd DL or so. Last year I had the 12 Days of Christmas CC Event, and I am planning to do that again, and have started on it, but even though it’s only October I need to get it ready soon, Project Override may take a back seat for a month or so, but I will aim to get you the male doctor uniform in December. Thanks for the comment, I hope you’re enjoying the overrides!

      1. Sure thing 🙂 do you have a Donate site ? I love how you make everything so maxis match.
        Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving take care

        1. Thanks so much! I have a donate button on the side bar that goes through Paypal. I also have an early release Patreon page, that’s $2.50 a month, and has some download collections, and early releases that aren’t on my site yet. Thanks again! <3

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