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Dimples V2 -Original Content-


***UPDATE*** 4-04-2015 –  3 of the dimple swatches seemed uneven to me, so I fixed them, and anyone downloading this from here on our will have the fixed ones.  If you have already downloaded, and noticed this issue, please feel free to redownload, with the direct link: here.  If this is your first time downloading, please consider going through the adfly link.  Thanks!

***UPDATE*** 3-25-2015 – Version 2 is now ready!  It has a lot of improvements, such as custom thumbnails, and the dimples now layer above CC skin.  I also added a set in face paint.  If you download V2, your computer should prompt you that the file name is the same as V1, for the skin detail set, make sure you let this new version replace the old.  Enjoy!  =)

***UPDATE*** 3-19-2015 – I’m super sorry, but in the first version of these, that I released last night, there were some extra lines showing up on arms of sims with certain dimples. I just fixed it, and re-uploaded.  Anyone downloading them from now on has the fixed version, and it should be fine.  If you already downloaded, please do so again, here is a direct link.  If this is your first time downloading them, please consider going through the adfly link, it only takes you 5 seconds longer, thanks!

Other CC used: Eyes – S4Models

Hair- Alesso at TSR

Eyebrows- S-Club at TSR

Lips- Screaming Mustard at TSR

On the little girl, not sure of the eyes, but hair is: Playful Up0do by JulieJ

***UPDATE 02-08-2017*** Now works for toddlers too!

More Facial Features:


More Original Content:

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