Ladies’ Boots/Socks Conversions -Original Content-


| DOWNLOAD | (Direct from SFS)

A direct download link is available at my Creator Studio at Sims 4 Studios.

Original Toddler Boots: Frill Boots | Fuzzy Boots |  Original Toddler Socks Here!  Child Conversions Here!

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Author: samanthagump

2 thoughts on “Ladies’ Boots/Socks Conversions -Original Content-

  1. Hello Samantha,

    Hope you are doing well. I wanted to ask you how you accomplish making parts of your mesh look like fur? I have made mods and cc for the sims 3, and wish to continue to do so. However, I have been stuck in trying to make sandals with fur in the straps. Could you point me in the right direction and give me advice on how to accomplish making parts of my mesh look like fur? I have been trying for over a week and I am currently stuck.

    The method I tried, was to add a bunch of plains together and make them transparent, but it ends up looking nothing like fur. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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