Peacock Queen Gown & Crown Set -Original Content-

Peacock Queen Gown & Crown Set

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This dress comes with 2 crowns, they are the same crown essentially, but positioned differently so you can choose different hair and avoid clipping issues more readily.  The crowns can be found in the “Glasses” section.  The gown is a tight fitting, corsetted mermaid style, and the top is see through lace.

Dress is being modeled by my Evil Queen.  To see all her other CC please check out her page here.



Author: samanthagump

2 thoughts on “Peacock Queen Gown & Crown Set -Original Content-

  1. Can I recolor/retexture this outfit for sleeping beauty??? I will give you credit for mesh of course!! So nice, thanks! I have been wanting this mesh!

    1. Thank you, and of course you may! I’m sorry it took me days to respond, I didn’t see the comment until just now. Can you share a link with me after you recolor? I’d love to see! Thanks!

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