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 The flat shoes in some of the pictures are my Canvas Flats. The long jeans can be found here, and the skirt, here.

Additional CC used in pic:


Recolor by Maimouth

Download at maimouth.tumblr.com

More downloads from Maimouth

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Author: samanthagump

2 thoughts on “Overall Cuteness -Original Content-

  1. I love this set. To frolic, Summer Breeze, Belted Boo and Overall Cuteness. Would love a male toddler version, using these same Meshes and material style if you are interested in created them. If not then the my male tots will continue to make do. These are also great for historical sims. Because of the beautiful simplicity.
    I’ve been use them for my male toddlers also, as I wanted more more muted and natural colors for my all ‘natural’ toddlers and sims families and your are the high quality, go to for me. The textures on you sim clothes are one of a kind and the color pallet, so refreshing. So In ,my mind and game play, I can imagine my sims dyeing, knitting weaving and and producing the the clothes their family member wear and for their community. Thanks either way.

    1. Wow, this has to be one of the nicest comments I have ever received about my CC! Thank you! I’m so happy you enjoy my sets! =) Some of my earliest TS4CC was medieval type stuff, and I would definitely be up for doing some recolors for male toddlers, I was planning to do the overalls for them as well, edited a bit. Let me send you an e-mail to ask further, to get a better idea of exactly what you were looking for.

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