Sweater-Dress Tights Set -Original Content-



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6 thoughts on “Sweater-Dress Tights Set -Original Content-

  1. Hi, i love and i have all you clothes for toddler but for sweater-dress with tights set when i download with you link i find sweater and short and no sweater-dress and tights .I don’t find the sweater dress in the cas too, probably there is a problem.I want prevent you because i love this dress is so cute. thank you.

    1. Hi there! I’m sorry it’s being a problem for you. The dress is actually a top and should show up in the top section. The tights should be in accessories under tights. Are you sure they are not showing in those places? Let me know, I can send you the files again too if you need!

      1. Yes , thank you i find the dress because i looking for in the dress and not in the top!!!i find them : the dress and the tights!!thank you so much for you kindness and you help.I love them!!

        1. Good, I’m glad! It can get confusing with CC, especially if you have a lot of it in your game, and you are very welcome, so happy you like it. =)

  2. Hi there! I love this outfit and I’ve tried a couple times downloading it through the link but after the 5 seconds and hitting ‘Skip’ it takes me to another Adfly window instead of to the download. This has happened with quite a few of the others I’ve tried downloading and it’s such a bummer.

    1. I don’t use Adfly anymore on my newer things, one day I’ll try to update more things with direct links, and I just did this one, so you can get it now. Thanks!

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