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A direct download is available at my Creator Studio at Sims 4 Studio.

I’m not sure how popular CAS pose sets are these days, but I need them all the time to display my toddler clothes.  I have been working on this one for a while and just thought I’d put it out here for download, maybe someone else will have need for it.  Please note, since this is a CAS pose set, the toddler is elevated to get the best view possible, if you use it in game I imagine your toddler will be floating in the air.

CC used in pic:

| Skin- EA BB Skinblend by Gram Sims | Feet- HD Feet V3 by Necrodog | Hair- Nightcrawler’s Impulse Toddle Conversion by Simiracle | Swimsuit- Pretty for the Pool by Me |

More Poses:


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