Newborn Clothes & Bassinet Retextured/Recolored

The newborn clothes all have new versions except the alien one.  If you already have custom baby clothes, I don’t know whose will show up in game, as these have to be overrides.  The Nifty Knitting ones are in the file, but will only show up/work if you have the add on, since they need to be knit.

The bassinet is a bit confusing, as it has 3 versions.  First off, I did 16 recolors on these, for a total of 20 swatches.  The OR file overrides the bassinet you can get in the build section of game.  The stand alone just add my new colors and such as a separate item, along side the game’s ones.  The “spawn” file is the one you need if you want your babies to spawn in it.  You don’t need both the OR and stand alone, but which ever of those you want, you will need the spawn one if you want the babies arriving in it, and it being their hub for interactions.

| DOWNLOAD | (Direct from SFS)

A direct download link is available at my Creator Studio at Sims 4 Studios.

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