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This dress is found in shirts, so you can wear it with pants!  The accessory undershirt is found in accessories, specifically under “Rings.”  The shoes used in the above image are my Canvas Flats.  The short flared jeans are part of my Lovely Layers set, and the long jeans can be found here.

***(3-17-2017) I am so sorry, I noticed my new spec was not working right, so I scrapped it.  The top will have issues with shiny things on clothes layered under it, but it’s not too hard to find pants that don’t do that, so if you DLed my revision yesterday, please download THIS INSTEAD.  It is now fixed in the link, and will work fine, again so sorry.***

***(3-16-2017)If you were one of the first people to download this, I just realized I didn’t make a workable spec, meaning if the dress layers over something shiny, the shiny part may show through.  Well, I fixed that, here is a direct link to the dress, feel free to use this to re-download.  Thanks, and sorry!***

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